How To Get The Maximum Out Of The Best Places For Sushi in Dubai

Find The Best Places For Sushi in Dubai

The best places for Sushi in Dubai are sure to have an assortment of dishes to suit the palate as well as the requirements of the diners. Not everyone that visits one such place like the Wakame is likely to be a Sushi exponent. But surely there is a first time for everything and even at that you can make the best of the occasion if you have some idea of the basic etiquettes followed in such places.

best places for Sushi in Dubai
Famous Restaurant for Sushi in Dubai Downtown

Things to remember

Keep these basic tips in mind and you are sure to develop the Sushi eating habit in any part of the world with equal élan.

  • Upscale Sushi restaurants and bars are sure to have a wide choice from the Orient like the traditional Nigiri Sushi with the Sashimi toppings and the Maki Sushi rolls. You are sure to come across a range of fish for the Sashimi on the rice ball of the Nigiri. Despite all your love for fresh seafood, go slow and order one or a couple of them at a time and savor the taste instead of ordering half a dozen of plates.

Sushi restaurants and bars

  • Sauces are an inevitable part of the Sushi dishes. Either the food is prepared by dipping in the sauce to sauté it or the sauce is served separately. When there is no extra Wasabi or sauce that is served with the dish, do not ask for it and when they are served separately, take only a little and do not flood your plate with the sauce. It will kill the taste and also make the eating process messy.

Sushi dishes

  • If you are a first timer with Sushi then opt for the rolls that have the fish wrapped up neatly in the rice moulds. This will help you in eating the Sushi comfortably, one at a time putting the whole entire piece in the mouth.

fish wrapped sushi roll

The traditional dish is eaten with the help of wooden sticks or the hand. If you are not comfortable using the sticks, it is best not try to experiment with the Sushi on your plate but use your fingers to eat them. Make sure that you start eating your Sushi soon after it is served and do not chat too much allowing them to dry up and lose its fresh and crisp taste. So, happy Sushing time to you!




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