Top Sushi Restaurant In Dubai Tickles The Taste Bud Of Guests

Wakame – A Top Sushi Restaurant In Dubai

A great way of having a splendid dining experience is to eat at a top sushi restaurant in Dubai that has a distinct reputation too. While there are several in the city, the recently opened Wakame situated on the Burj Khalifa block is both easy to find and meant to give a fine dining experience. The place is known to serve some rare dishes that are cooked using the signature menu to tease the culinary buds of the guests.

Having tasted the rare a la carte Sushi, you are sure to be wanting for more. Though it is not possible to steal the unique menu of Wakame, we can give you the recipe for some easy to make variety of Sushi.

Salmon Nigiri Recipe


The Nigiri is a common variant of Sushi that comprises of small mounds of rice that has a fish topping. The relatively simple Japanese dish takes about 10 minutes to prepare and serves 3 people.


  • Sushi rice washed, cooked and seasoned – 2 cups

Sushi rice washed, cooked and seasoned

  • Fresh Salmon made into thin slices that give the Sushi the name Nigiri

• Fresh Salmon made into thin slices

  • Freshly grated Wasabi

Freshly grated Wasabi

  • Quality Soy Sauce for serving

Quality Soy Sauce

  • Seasoned and Pickled Ginger for serving

Seasoned and Pickled Ginger


  • Shape the seasoned rice into 10 mounds.
  • Take a Salmon slice and place some Wasabi on either side and place it on top of a rice mound.
  • Press it once again to give it proper shape.
  • Serve soon after it is prepared with soy sauce and the ginger pickle on the sides of the mound.

Wakame have Master Chefs This is one of the simplest Nigiri that the traditional Japanese are known to cook and eat. But upscale restaurants like the Wakame have Master Chefs that have used their experience and culinary expertise to shape up unique Sashimi, Nigiri and Hoso Maki. These are available on the a la carte menu for you to savor as many as you wish to savor.


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