Criteria To Look For The Best Restaurant Serving Seafood In Dubai

Restaurant serving Seafood in Dubai

restaurant serving Seafood in Dubai

A restaurant serving Seafood in Dubai is sure to have a list of delicacy crafted to attract the guests repeatedly considering them as a must have. A delicacy by norm is looked upon as something that has a distinctive texture and color giving an appealing look. Such dishes are usually the hallmark of the place that serves it with the Chief Chef whipping up a rare combination of the conventional recipe.

A checklist of criteria

The tag of delicacy is sure to receive a further boost when it is seafood like the Sushi and the Dim Sum. These traditional dishes that have received the contemporary touch have become immensely popular with people across the world.

  • The popularity of the restaurant that serves the Sushi and the Dim Sum delicacy is sure to depend on the innovativeness of the chefs that can give a new twist to the conventional way of cooking them.



  • The use of the freshest possible ingredients in making the Sushi rolls and the Dim Sum dumplings are sure to bring out the best of flavors and give the guests the opportunity to savor some unique delicacies.


  • Guests will be able to savor the taste of the delicacies only when they are served in the proper ambiance.

Guest at Wakame

  • The décor of the restaurant – one that is rich in colors and sends out warm vibes much like the cultures from where the food emanates is sure to make a huge impact on the popularity of the restaurant.

décor of the restaurant

  • Those restaurants that have an open kitchen plan that allows the guests to watch their favorite delicacy being prepared before their eyes is sure to add an extra dose of flavor to the dish.

restaurants that have an open kitchen

Serving signature drinks too

The best of such restaurants are sure to come up with some rare fusion delicacies from the Orient to wow the guests. Food naturally cannot go without drinks, and a restaurant that also serves some signature drinks in the form of cocktails is sure to gain more popularity than the others. The location of one such restaurant in and around a popular landmark of the city will make it even more famous.

Serving signature drinks

To complement the colours come in an assortment of renowned liquor brands that are introduced from time to time with great fervor.

Throwback to WakameDubai’s ‘First Sunday Industry Night’ supported by some of the best Peruvian Pisco brands in the market.


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